Same Day USA

Your Same Day Courier For fast and reliable delivery anywhere.



:: Expedited Air Freight Shipping ::

Same Day USA is the premier rush delivery company that can handle your large shipment needs. We have over 40 years of experience and dedicated processes designed specifically for your customers to get what they need when they need it.

:: Dedicated Air Courier ::

The fastest shipping method possible! Do you have a small package (under 70 lbs) that needs to be at it’s destination in as little as SIX hours from your phone call? Our Dedicated Air Courier service is custom tailored to your special needs.

:: On-Board VIP Courier ::

Domestic and International hand to hand delivery; a single courier, a single package, constantly under guard. We fly direct to your client from pickup to delivery, no warehouses, no multiple hands; VIP means your package is constantly secure. 

:: Carrier and Transportation Logistics Specialists ::

Same Day USA has experience with shipping small and large packages coast to coast and internationally. Is your company in need of consulting services to revamp your logistics? Contact us today!

:: A Veteran Owned Company ::

Not only is the owner a veteran, we hire veterans first! We believe in supporting our troops who have risked their lives for our great country.